Richmond woman claims she was duped out of nearly $10,000 by bogus contractor

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — A Richmond woman contacted 8News after she says she was taken advantage of by a man she hired to fix up her home, which ended up costing her $10,000.

Diane, who asked 8News not to publish her last name, says she paid in good faith back in April for a new roof and an addition to her home, but all she was left with was a pile of dirt in her backyard.


Diane says she paid Patrick Farley, an area contractor, more than $9,000 as a deposit for the work to be done to her home.

“So in April, he asked me to put some money down so that he could get started as soon as possible,” she told 8News Reporter Candice Cole. “He asked for $9,600. I gave him that money, wrote him a check for it.”

Diane says Farley came recommended from a friend to do the estimated $25,000 job for cheaper. Now, six months later, Diane has nothing to show for the deposit but a hole in the foundation in her home.

“We would talk about when it was going to get started,” Diane explained. “He said he couldn’t do it because it was raining so much. And then his foundation man was behind because of all the rain. Next thing I know, his mother is very ill and he had to be out of town a lot. Then he had other problems, like with his vehicle or a phone or whatever, and that’s why he couldn’t get back to me. It was excuse after excuse after excuse.”

“It was excuse after excuse after excuse.”

8News spoke to the man Farley contracted for the foundation work. He told us the delays are due to Diane, not Farley, because she continually made changes which pushed back the project Diane insists that’s not true.

Given his track record, 8News wanted to know more about Patrick Farley and his business. We did some digging and found court records which show that Farley pleaded guilty to construction fraud in Chesterfield County in July of this year. He was also found guilty in Hanover County in 2007 for failing to complete a construction job.

ba127450346e4fa18c29e81d2dd93c8bWe looked for his license, and all that turned up was a construction license that expired in 2008 under Farley’s name, for Quality Exterior Renovation.

When we told Diane about Farley’s troubles in court, she was shocked.

“I feel horrible. I didn’t know any of this,” she said. “I wish I had known, obviously, or I wouldn’t have given him any money. He just seemed real personable; someone you could trust.”

Farley has not returned any of our phone calls for comment.

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