Prescription pills found in gumball machine prize

ROCHESTER, NH (WCMH) — A Rochester, New Hampshire family is in shock after a gumball machine at a pizzeria dispensed prescription medication instead of prizes.

Courtney Jones said that she, her mother and her daughters went to Rochester House of Pizza on Friday.

“We went over to the gumball machines, and I put the quarters in and she got two toys, and then the third prize came put,” Jones told WMUR.

Instead of a ring or temporary tattoo like most gumball machine prizes, the third container contained two blood pressure pills and one pill for kidney stones.

“We kind of sat in shock for a minute, and I said, ‘I’m going to ask to speak to the manager quietly over here at my table,’” Jones said.

The manager was shocked and the restaurant owner said he didn’t know how the pills ended up in the machine.

“We’re working with the vendor out of Massachusetts, who says he buys these in bulk and then just pours them into the machine,” said Capt. Jason Thomas with the Rochester Police Department. Officers plan to review the surveillance tape to see if someone tampered with the machine.

Jones said that she doesn’t hold the business responsible, but she wants answers and is worried that the same thing may happen in other machines.

“How many are out there?” she asked. “Who else fills the machines? How many containers were filled? Who filled that?”

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