Reedy Creek project causing major controversy

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Richmond is delaying a decision on whether to put up the Reedy Creek restoration project and tensions are mounting.

“I go down there two or three times a day for exercise,” frequent visitor Woody Lyon said. “We live within blocks of this creek and we know something about it.”

He and about a dozen others are calling on city leaders to stop the Reedy Creek restoration until alternative solutions are explored.

“This project reflects a lack of planning and meaningful citizen participation,” Lyon said.

It’s part of a plan to cut down on pollutants going into the Chesapeake Bay and to improve water quality.

For those like Dwight Wood, it’s a tough call.

“There’s no science behind this,” said Wood. “So we’re dealing from a position of ignorance, tearing up the creek without any basis.”

City officials are ready to go ahead with the $1.3 million project, half of it funded the DEQ.

“We are prepared to move forward but we have not started construction or anything for this project,” John Buturla of Richmond said.

The Department of Public Works has warned the creek could degrade even further if the project does not go through. But many have serious concerns with the project, which would result in the removal of more than 400 trees.

The land use committee has sent the decision on the future of Reedy Creek to city council. There will be a public hearing on the matter next month.

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