Trump supporters tweet #repealthe19th

(KRON) — Donald Trump supporters tweeted #repealthe19th after a new data reveals Trump would win the presidential election if women didn’t vote.

The 19th amendment gave women the right to vote back in 1920 which is almost 100 years ago.

(Courtesy: FiveThirtyEight)
(Courtesy: FiveThirtyEight)

The map depicting if all men voted shows Trump winning 350 electoral votes and his opponent Hillary Clinton winning just 188.

The new data also said that Clinton would win by a landslide if women were the only ones who voted. Clinton would win 458 electoral votes and Trump would win 80.

The findings were published by FiveThirtyEight on Tuesday.

They inspired Trump supporters to come up with the hashtag #repealthe19th, so their favorite candidate could become president.

This comes after two women came forward saying that Trump touched them inappropriately.

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