Conjoined twins separated, now in individual surgery to reconstruct skulls

NEW YORK (WCMH) — Jadon and Anias Mcdonald have successfully been separated, but both are still undergoing individual surgeries.

According to CNN, the 13-month-old twins are still in surgery to reconstruct their skulls and make them whole. The surgery took almost 17 hours to complete.

The parents talked exclusively with CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta about the procedure.

Christian McDonald, the boys’ father, says his little boys are just like any other two, except for being conjoined.

I could almost just keep them like this right now. Because they’re so perfect,” said mother Nicole McDonald.

The twins are joined together at the head, a condition called craniopagus. The odds of it happening are approximately one in 2.5 million births. They rarely survive past the age of two if not separated.

Their parents say that Jadon is the more rambunctious one.

Anias is the quiet and inquisitive one. He has also had to struggle more.

“He’s really beared the brunt of the burden, i would say. He’s got breathing issues, and feeding issues, and he has some vision issues. In the beginning, his hearing was off. he’s gone through heat failures he’s had seizures. He has had so much happen in the last year and he just…it just rolls right off his back. He just keeps on going,” said Nicole McDonald.

“They play. They’re crazy. Jadon tries to roll off the bed and drag Anias with him. Anias talks and my favorite thing is to sit here and hear them talking with each other down the hallway. They talk back and forth and they…they just…they’re beautiful.”

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