8News talks with Amy Robach about tonight’s 20/20 exclusive with former UVA Dean Eramo

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RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — For the first time ever, the former UVA dean at the center of a scathing Rolling Stone article detailing an alleged rape and cover up is speaking out.

ABC news anchor Amy Robach said that Nicole Eramo received hate mail after Rolling Stone printed “A rape on Campus,” a story that has since been debunked.

“Dear Nicole Eramo, the dean of rape … God will have his day with you and hold you accountable? You are a despicable human being,” Eramo read out loud from a letter during an interview with Robach.

While the story has since been discredited, Eramo told Robach that the article has had a negative impact on her life and that it has changed it forever.

“They made it look like I used the trust of young women to cover up rapes, and that was so far from anything that I would ever do,” Eramo said. “It was just unbelievable to me.”

“There is a real sadness about her,” Robach said after her interview with Eramo.

If you have followed this story closely and think you have heard it all, your should think again.

Robach said that tonight’s 20/20 exclusive with Eramo features first-person accounts from people connected to “Jackie,” the alleged victim in the story.

“You will hear from the friends who were not interviewed in the Rolling Stone article,” Robach said.

Eramo has filed an $8 million defamation suit against Rolling Stone which heads to court in Charlottesville Monday. In a setback for Eramo, a judge recently ruled a video deposition 20/20 obtained cannot be viewed by jurors.

8News asked Robach if ABC felt responsible.

“We will be airing some of it and we feel like that is our job to to tell the whole story as much as we can, as much as we know,” Robach said.

In a statement given to ABC news, Rolling Stone said, “The depiction of Dean Eramo in the article was balanced, and described the challenges of her role. We now look forward to the jury’s decision in this case.”

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