Virginia power crews headed south to aid in Hurricane Matthew recovery efforts

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Crews from Virginia are heading south to help in recovery efforts as Hurricane Matthew moves North.

Twenty-five employees, along with 14 bucket trucks from Rappahannock Electric Cooperative from across the state, mobilized Friday before heading to South Carolina to help as Hurricane Matthew descends on the state.


Once they arrive, crews say job number one will be safety.

“Making sure there are no power lines down that are still energized, trees on the line that could potentially fall into roadways, homes. Safety is going to be the first priority,” said lineman Addison Spicer.


Spicer says it won’t take much for this storm to make a mess.

“Once we pass 30 mph everything is coming down. A lot of broke poles, obviously a lot of trees are going to be down,” said Spicer.


It will be his first time working in a hurricane, but when it comes to doing what is an already hazardous job in those windy conditions, Spicer says they’re prepared.

“This is what we’re trained to do. We prepare for this on a daily basis. Going to work yes it’s in a less than perfect situation but it’s what we’re trained to do,” said Spicer.

“He says he’s actually looking forward to the work, as he knows it will be much needed,” said Spicer.

“I’ve always been told do unto others that you want done to you. So it’s a great privilege to be able to go, to be able to help people in the time they need it the most,” said Spicer.

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