Jesse Jackson and Jim Gilmore defend their parties’ candidates

FARMVILLE, Va. (WRIC) — After the debate, 8News’ Parker Slaybaugh caught up with two well-known political figures from both sides of the aisle in the spin room.

Rev. Jesse Jackson, a Democrat, and former Virginia governor Jim Gilmore, a Republican, each gave their perspectives on the debate.

Jackson went first, saying that Sen. Tim Kaine, while animated, won the debate by responding to questions with detailed content driven answers.

“He was animated and full of content and detailed content … I think he won the debate for this reason,” Jackson said.

Jackson also described how Kaine aptly defended his running mate, a feat Pence failed to do when prompted

“[Kaine] kept defending his superior Hillary Clinton when he was charged to defend her. Mr. Pence would not defend Donald Trump,” Jackson said. “He didn’t cover Donald Trump’s back. Maybe it was too difficult to do, and he didn’t even attempt it, it seemed like to me.”

Gilmore, who also vied for the Republican nomination for president in this election before conceding, spoke of the contrast between Pence’s and Kaine’s demeanors.

“I think Gov. Pence handled himself with dignity and with honor and made his case,” Gilmore said. “Tim Kaine, on the other hand, all he did was shout down his opponent … He has no case, and that’s why he had to behave like a child that doesn’t know how to behave at the dinner table.”

Gilmore also attacked Kaine and his party’s positions on issues like the economy, immigration and national security.

“If you want a better economy … if you [don’t] want open borders where the law is not obeyed … and if you want a safer America … you can’t support Clinton and Kaine,” Gilmore said.

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