Farmville businesses enjoying boom in business from debate crowd

FARMVILLE, Va. (WRIC) — Small town Farmville, Virginia has caught debate fever. Up and down Main Street businesses are decked out in red, white, and blue, happy their town is receiving worldwide attention.


“It’s crazy actually; it’s a good crazy, though,” said Pam Butler, owner of Farmville’s ‘Mainly Clay.’

You can’t look anywhere in Farmville and not find American Flags and banners in anticipation for Mike Pence and Time Kaine taking center stage.

“Monday night, when Lester Holt said ‘and oh next week we’ll be in Farmville Virginia, I gotta tell you, it’s pretty exciting,” said Butler.

Pam Butler
Pam Butler

Butler is hoping that Mainly Clay can cash in on the excitement with handmade debate mugs made personally in her shop. She says the atmosphere in the small town is electrifying.

“You can kind of feel the temperature rising, we’re moving up,” she said. “There is a buzz!”

Just down the street, business is on hold. At Real Living Cornerstone, owner Navona Hart has decided to throw a pre-debate party!

“I love this town and I love a good reason to party,” said Hart.

Navona Hart
Navona Hart

In any college town, a good party may not be an uncommon scene. But Farmville has never seen an event like what is about to happen Tuesday night.

“This is the biggest I have ever seen, it’s awesome. It’s something that everyone said couldn’t happen and then here it is and everyone is kind of like ‘Oh, wow,” said Hart.

And no matter who may be declared the big winner on the debate stage, business owners say Farmville has already been the big winner.

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