William Fox Elementary School closes due to mold

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — William Fox Elementary School is temporarily closed due to a mold problem.

“They had found sufficient mold counts to require remediation to close the building and wash down all the surfaces. They’re removing the insulation around the pipes where the mold is forming,” said Librarian Faithe Norrell.

“I personally think that’s unacceptable. I think they should have caught that earlier and treated it,” said Heather Morris.

Faculty and staff say officials think the mold is confined to the school’s basement where students eat, take art, and music classes.

“They feel that it has been there for a couple of months and the two contributing factors we were told that makes the mold grow are water source and condensation around the pipes and dust,” said Librarian Faithe Norrell.

“They came through in maybe 1999 and put in air conditioning units similar to what you have in hotel rooms. Since they have been in, they have not been functioning. They leak and we have warped wooden floors where the water has come out onto the floors so now this mold has been showing up, ” added Norrell.

William Fox Elementary, a part of Richmond Public Schools, is not void of the school systems’ funding issues which faculty believes may have caused a delay in dealing with the mold.

“We would really like to demand humidity and mold reports for all of the classrooms. Several teachers have purchased out of their own pockets dehumidifiers. They have to empty those at least twice a day. There’s so much humidity in the building in their particular rooms,” said Norrell.

People who live near the school say they trust that school officials are handling the problem to the best of their ability.

“It is good to know that they are doing what they need to by closing the school and getting it fixed,” said Alex Elder.

William Fox Elementary school is expected to reopen Monday, October 3, 2016 at 6 a.m.

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