Pence attacks Kaine’s record as Virginia governor ahead of VP debate

HANOVER COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Ahead of Tuesday’s debate at Longwood University, all eyes are on the vice presidential nominees. Donald Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence held a campaign rally Monday night in Ashland at Cox Transportation Services Inc. on Dow Gil Road.

Taking the podium for less than 25 minutes, the Republican Indiana governor highlighted job creation and rebuilding the economy while also taking aim at Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine ahead of the big debate.

“I hope we get to talk about our records as well (as those at the top of the tickets). They’re kind of different,” Pence told the lively Ashland crowd before drawing a contrast between his time as governor of Indiana and Senator Kaine’s time as governor of Virginia.

1c6f9b85f17d471dbd2903b8ad2aedd9“When (Kaine) was governor he left the state $2 billion in the hole. I’m proud to say we’ve got the largest surplus in Indiana history with $2 billion in the bank.

Pence went on to accuse Kaine of raising taxes and failing to create jobs in the commonwealth.

“When Tim Kaine was governor of Virginia, unemployment doubled. While I’ve been governor of Indiana, we cut unemployment in half and there’s more Hoosiers working than ever before.”

The Trump campaign said Pence has been preparing for the debate since he was chosen to join the Republican ticket back in July. The Indiana governor has been studying binders of material, booking lengthy debate prep sessions with Wisconsin governor Scott Walker standing in for Kaine.

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