RVA Tonight host discusses video special featuring Richmond mayoral candidates

Courtesy: RVA Tonight

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — On Saturday, Beau Cribbs stopped by Good Morning Richmond to talk to 8News anchor Evanne Armour about his upcoming show Mayoral Fixation: The Video Special.


Cribbs is the host of RVA Tonight, a live late-night talk show.

“Our show is set up just like Jimmy Kimmel Live. It’s got a house band, I’ve got a side kick. We have a staff of about 15 writers,” he said.

But this upcoming show will be all about local politics.

On RVA Tonight’s two-year anniversary show back in June, Cribbs invited all Richmond mayoral candidates to come be a guest — and several have taken him up on the offer.

“We told them we think the city of Richmond deserves a very open, honest dialogue about the future of this city…and if you come on our show, that’s not what you will get,” he said. “We told them how stupid our show is. Inexplicably, all but one have said yes.”

Cribbs says Lawrence Williams is the only candidate he’s yet to sit down with.

“Lawrence Williams, if you’re watching, sir, I’ve been trying to get in touch with you.”

Courtesy: RVA Tonight

The special will include four candidate interviews that already premiered (Levar Stoney, Jon Baliles, Michelle Mosby and Jack Berry), plus three NEW segments (Joe Morrissey, Bobby Junes and recent race dropout Bruce Tyler).

Cribbs will add commentary for the live crowd.

Cribbs’ on-camera conversations with the candidates — edited down to about 5 to 6 minutes each — put them in a non-traditional interview atmosphere.

He’s asked Baliles if he could recite the Agee’s Bicycle jingle, then proceeded to sing it to him.

He discussed Ukrop’s cookie preferences with Berry.

He asked Mosby if he could purchase her “understated” campaign car — an Escalade with her own face emblazoned on it — if she loses the race.

He even offered Stoney some potential campaign slogans. Stoney wasn’t sold on “Virginia is for Levars.”

In the videos, Cribbs is usually met with laughs and some uncomfortable stares.

“I told all the candidates before the interviews that it’s a very good opportunity for them to show some personality — and it’s a great opportunity for me to make a fool of myself in front of the person who might be the next mayor,” he said.

On October 14, Cribbs will play the videos for a crowd at the Coalition Theater.

The event begins at 10 p.m.

For tickets and more information, CLICK HERE.

Here’s a teaser video including a snippet of his interview with Joe Morrissey.

CLICK HERE to see the videos he’s already released.