Colin Kaepernick jersey found taped to floor of Virginia Beach bar

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — The controversy surrounding San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand during the national anthem is causing outrage at a local level. This, after his jersey was found taped to the ground at Krossroads Rock and Country Bar in the Pleasant Valley Shopping Center in Virginia Beach.

The former general manager tells 8News sister station WAVY it’s all a misunderstanding. One customer says he’s outraged by the act.

Jimmy Perry said he wasn’t expecting a welcome mat in the form of Kaepernick’s jersey when he walked into the bar he says he frequents often.

“I took a picture of it before I left and I posted it on Facebook,” said Perry. “That’s because that’s disrespectful. It’s just too much.”

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Kaepernick’s name is now attached to much more than just sports after he protested the national anthem and refused to stand for it. The sports player says it’s in protest to the wrongdoings against African-Americans and minorities in America.

“How would they feel if we took a police officer jersey and taped that down and used that as a floor mat?” said Perry.

Perry says he wants other to boycott the bar because of it. However, Heather Bryan says she’s doing the exact opposite as a result.

“I’m here supporting this bar, it’s in the community, it’s a business her. We should be supporting it, we should not be boycotting it,” said Bryan. “Everyone has the right to their opinion.”

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WAVY’s Laura Caso spoke with the former general manager over the phone at length. He tells WAVY that he took a new job just a few days — nothing to do with the controversy — but was there when the jersey was on the ground. He says a customer put it there, that it was his right, and the restaurant left it for a few days. He also says this has nothing to do with race, but has to do with Kaepernick’s choice to disrespect the flag.

“This is the national anthem, we aren’t talking about other things, it shouldn’t be divided like this. We shouldn’t be racist at all, it’s not black or white,” said Bryan.

On the other hand, Perry says he won’t be returning to the bar after what he saw.

Krossroads Rock and Country Bar in the Pleasant Valley Shopping Center is open for business, but with a bit of an interruption. The former general manager and staff member tells WAVY that they have received several death threats because of the jersey controversy.

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