8News Daily Poll: Do you think police were justified in their use of lethal force against Keith Lamont Scott?

CHARLOTTE, Va. (WRIC) — Newly released police video of Keith Lamont Scott’s fatal shooting, sought by protesters for days, isn’t settling questions about whether the man threatened police with a gun before he was felled by a black officer.

Police said Scott had a gun, though residents who were on the scene have said he was unarmed. It’s not apparent in the video if he’s holding anything shortly before he was shot. The dramatic video released by Charlotte police shows officers with guns drawn surrounding the man just before the shooting.

In the dashboard camera video released Saturday night, Scott could be seen slowly backing away from his SUV with his hands down. Four shots are heard in quick succession, and he crumples to the ground mortally wounded.

8News wants to know what you think. Were police justified in their actions?

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