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RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — It’s back to school time! This year is extra special to me because my first born child has started kindergarten. In the weeks leading up to his first day, many of my friends were asking me if I was ready for him to go to elementary school. I felt caught off guard by this question because his going to school is not really about me, it’s about him. Of course, I am excited. The fact that he is starting primary school indicates that he’s growing and ready to take on a little bit more independence. Why would I be sad? I was focused on what this meant for him and for his growth. Developmentally I was continuing to check the boxes and excited to see his progress but perhaps I was in a little bit of denial.

My job as a mother will never be complete but I recognize this moment is the first in a long series of “letting go” moments. So I would like to mark this major milestone with these words for my sweet, little man.

When the first day of school arrived we left home with a spring in our step excited to meet the bus at the top of our hill. I hugged my little guy one last time and the unexpected happened…I felt a tear well up and a small tug at my heart. As he walked away I was transported to the first time I met him. It was a little over 5 years ago. That’s when the nurse placed him on my chest and I became a mom and he became my son. I can only describe that moment as one of the most magical moments of my life. At that time, I experienced the most love I have ever felt in my life. Since then, my love for him has just grown infinitely larger.

At the time of his birth, I didn’t know how to be a mom but I became one; and, I became a witness to so many miracles. Forget tightrope walking or scaling tall buildings. I watched a child who couldn’t even lift his head or control his bodily functions when I first met him take his first steps, eat his first bite of food, and I heard him utter his first words and this was just in the first two years.

Fast forward to today, that little baby that had rolled around in my belly for nine months is now in kindergarten. He’s conducting a life outside of our house. A life that I only catch glimpses of when he finally opens up to me for a half a second about who he is meeting at school and what he’s learned. He’s an individual, he’s developing his own life and while it’s not college and he isn’t an adult yet he’s his own person, taking on his own challenges and conquering the world.

My job as a mother will never be complete but I recognize this moment is the first in a long series of “letting go” moments. So I would like to mark this major milestone with these words for my sweet, little man.


Today you are excited for the world. You run out the door each day wanting to meet your friends and learn in school. I hope you will always greet the day with the same vigor. There may be challenges along the way. There will be heartbreak and times when you you would rather hide than greet the day. Just remember that I love you and remember what you once told me “nature is always singing to us just listen to the birds making music.” You are so wise for being so young. When your problems seem too large to handle remember to close your eyes and just listen. Compared to the world around you, your problems are small. You are a small. Tomorrow is always a new day and the world is always singing for you, cheering you on. You are part of nature’s song and you make life sound more beautiful. Continue to fill the world with laughter and wonderful music.



Hi, I’m Anne. Welcome to M-Om: Mindful Mothering in the RVA. Join me on my journey as I find my identity as a mindful mother. Here I will share my thoughts on the challenges of parenting and express gratitude for life and family. I will share interviews with other local moms who approach motherhood in their own way, provide links to parenting articles, and share other personal anecdotes on how these experiences affect my life.

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