#8OnYourPlate: Richmond’s best breakfast spots to hit before work, for business

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Ever feel like you have endless options when it comes to food in Richmond? We’re taking a closer look at some of them to help you find just what you’re looking for.

Over the next few weeks, the Good Morning Richmond team is highlighting breakfast and brunch spots.

We enlisted the help of RVA food and beer writer Robey Martin because, frankly, few Richmonders know food and beer better than she does.


It’s fact. Richmond loves brunch. Inevitably, I receive multiple inquiries a week on where someone should partake of the midday or even earlier meal. Questions in the forms of: “Who is open (and for how long)?, Where do I to take business colleagues?, I have a special occasion. Who is equipped for that type of thing?”, and the most popular “I want to get a good drink. Where do I go?’

This week, it’s all about your colleagues/clients/associates and the places you (and they) can get a weekday breakfast or brunch.


Early Bird Biscuit Co. opens at 7:00 a.m., serving house-made biscuits and pastries well into the day. The multiple two-tops are perfect for a sequestering of the business minds while drinking Blanchard’s, a local coffee roastery. Tim Laxton and his affable team bake all night, literally. Laxton and his apprentice start at around 4 a.m. to make in between 400 – 600 biscuits. The pastry team comes in the early evening (after Early Bird closes) to bake sweet and savory items like hand pies or pop tarts. Be in the know by following them on Facebook or Instagram for their biscuit “flavor” of the day. Typically it makes good use of Richmond’s local bounty.


Need to be in the West End for breakfast? Boychik’s Deli in Innsbrook has been a mainstay since 1990. The busy spot, that bills themselves as “A True New York Deli,” opens at 7:00 a.m., imports food stuffs straight from the Big Apple and serves breakfast ’til 10:30 a.m. every weekday. Serving nova or lox, deli bagels, eggs and pancakes, it’s a no brainer for a pow-wow on you and your business partner’s latest PowerPoint deck or a quick morning networking sesh. Also, so easy on the wallet. Boychik’s Special is everything but the kitchen sink (three eggs, a meat, a bread and home fries for $7.95). Can’t get there? They deliver your morning meal starting at 8 a.m.


Newcomer Pop’s Market on Grace opened in November of 2015. It’s an airy space on Grace Street in the former Cokesbury bookstore, great for a morning treat with a business mate or client catch-up. Pop’s is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner along with a quasi-market for last-minute pickups. Baked goods come in the form of bagels, pitas, croissants, English muffins or biscuits — depending on the day — all made by in-house baker Kyle Poston. The restaurant is fast-casual. Order at the counter and then pick up your breakfast biscuit sandwich with house-made sage sausage, French toast rounds complete with maple butter, or in-house bagel with scrambled egg and head to one of the 72 available seats.

Next Friday, we continue exploring the top breakfast/brunch places in town.

Have an anniversary or big birthday in the near future? Robey knows where to go. She gives us her top three picks for special occasion breakfast/brunch…PLUS an interview with one of the hottest head chefs in RVA.

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