Video shows school bus driver’s aggressive behavior

CHARLOTTE, NC (WCNC) — An investigation is underway after a Charlotte driver recorded a school bus driver tailgating his vehicle and attempting to pass on a double-yellow line.

“Somebody could have really gotten hurt this afternoon,” driver Jo Scarborough says.

The incident happened Wednesday afternoon.

“I noticed a school bus was really close on my rear bumper and really aggressive and tailgating me,” Scarborough says.

After four minutes he decided to pull out his phone. His video shows the bus tailgating him and then the bus driver crossing a double yellow line to make a dangerous pass.

Seconds later it nearly hits a vehicle driving in the opposite direction head-on.

But the close call didn’t faze the school bus driver.

Next, the bus driver is seen passing on the right before flying through a yellow light to make a right turn.

Scarborough believes a woman was driving. He can’t be sure if children were on board.

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