Porch pirates steal wedding dress in Suffolk

SUFFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Porch pirates: they’re thieves who take things off of your doorstep. It’s something we often see around the holiday season. But on Tuesday night, Suffolk Police saw two porch thefts — a higher number than usual.

8News sister station, WAVY, spoke with one family who lost a very special item: a wedding dress. At first, the family wondered… Did something happen along the way for the dress to not be delivered? But after contacting UPS, David’s Bridal and checking with neighbors, the Meyers family realized they needed to contact police.

“Obviously it’s a heartbreaking story to lose a dress, something important for my daughter,” said Jeff Meyers, who lives on Cove Pointe Drive in Suffolk.

Meyers says he was tracking this special delivery. So when it wasn’t on his front porch, he started making calls to try to locate the package. Eventually, his family realized it was gone.

“You don’t really think about it. You think, ‘Hey I’m going to order something and it’s going to come and it’ll be there when I expect it.’ I guess there are people out there that know that packages are coming and they’re looking to get them for themselves,” said Meyers.

Suffolk Police say with the holiday season around the corner, more porch thefts are likely to happen. They shared a few tips for people to protect their deliveries. Those tips include:

  • request a signature confirmation of delivery
  • insure valuable items
  • ask neighbors to watch for deliveries
  • have packages delivered at work
  • track the time the package will be delivered

As for Meyers, he has a plan for future packages.

“What I’m going to do going forward is just have it routed to my office just for safekeeping. It doesn’t make sense to risk it at this point,” said Meyers.

Meyeres also hopes his family’s story can help someone else, which is why he contacted WAVY.

“It was a concern for other people and them maybe losing their valuables or important things to them, too,” Meyers said.

This story does have a happy ending with the dress. Meyers said he spent a lot of time on the phone with David’s Bridal. Even though the theft was not their fault, they are sending his daughter another dress.

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