New app allows students to report bullying

There’s a new tool aiming to deter and stop bullying in schools.

The app is called “Anonymous Alerts,” and it allows students to report bulling activity, which is then sent straight to school administrators phones.

“It hurts to watch your child hurting, and to watch your child to be afraid to go to class, or to see certain people or to even be in the same hallway where that event took place,” said Theresa Strine, whose child was bullied.

Strine said her daughter was bullied to the point of switching schools.

“She did poorly in school, she was afraid to go to class, she was in and out of counselor appointments,” Strine said.

The guidance counselor at York Suburban Middle School said that’s a huge problem.

“Some kids might not want to come to school because they’re being mistreated. And we never want that for anyone,” Mrs. Angie Adams said.

School officials at the Middle School said thankfully bullying isn’t a day to day thing.

“When it comes up, it’s every once in a while, Adams said, “teachers might notice it and report something or we have students may report something.”

If they do, they can report it through a paper form, or online through a google document. There a student or parent can describe the details of a specific incident. And while the school doesn’t use the new app, they can remain anonymous if they choose.

That’s what Strine did when her daughter transferred to York Suburban. She said it was the best move.

“The impact isn’t just on that child. I mean it’s on their families, as you said, and on everybody else around them,” Strine said.

“I think any tool to report bullying is great. So if it’s another way for parents or students to report what’s going on, that’s a fantastic idea,” Adams said.

School leaders said at this time they don’t plan on getting the app since the system they have in place works so well.

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