#MadeInRVA: Get your ‘Sweet Fix’ with this bakery’s crafty cakes

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Nothing says “celebration” quite like the perfect cake, and few know that better than Amanda Robinson.

Robinson, who has a background in art, started her bakery Sweet Fix in 2008.


“People like things that make them feel good, make them happy, and usually that is consumption,” she said. “People love sugar.”

And Sweet Fix has plenty of it.

Sweet Fix began as a small home bakery.

“After becoming a mother, I was really inspired by the more ‘domesticated’ art forms. Being in the fine arts world is great, but it’s very demanding,” she said. “This was one of the best art forms because it’s ephemeral. Making cakes — you create it, it gets eaten, there’s a deadline for it. It’s not like a painting that just sits there looking at you.”


Robinson’s popularity grew.

Today, she has four employees and a storefront and kitchen in Manchester.

“I think that people see us as artists and not just bakers,” she said.


They’re providing cakes that are custom-designed, all-natural, made from scratch and made with serious skill.

“I meet with clients sometimes a year or more in advance and I’m working with their style and vision and color scheme.”

And the cakes are the real deal — no illusions.


“It is literally multiple layers of cake, butter cream and filling, that are hand sculpted,” said Robinson. “It’s not dowel rods and Rice Krispie Treats and cake molds in the shapes. It is all sculpting and handiwork.”

Take one look at Sweet Fix’s website or Instagram page and you’ll see what she’s talking about.

She says their style tends to stray from the traditional southern baking style and align more with a European style.

“It’s very different and pretty unique to Richmond and the south.”

Starting a business in Richmond has been rewarding for Robinson. She tries to use local ingredients like nuts and honey as much as possible.


“Richmond is very supportive of small businesses. The craft food movement has just really, really blown up,” she said.

Robinson says the right cake can be a perfect centerpiece and focal point for a special occasion. She says her team gets just as excited about their cakes as the clients do.

“We want that experience when they walk in the room not just to look at the beautiful bride or the beautiful groom or the beautiful party person, but to be able to see our cakes and say wow that is something really original and unique.”

The retail side of Sweet Fix opened a little over a year ago. In August, it temporarily closed for renovations.


They installed new refrigerators, gave the interior a makeover and revamped the menu, adding items like cannolis and cold drinks.

The store is open from 12 – 6 p.m. Thursdays and Fridays and 12 – 5 p.m. on Saturdays.

Robinson says she’s considering the idea of a mobile patisserie to bring her sweet treats to other areas of RVA. While no set plans are in place, she’d like to see that in the future.

“That’s on my bucket list.”

To learn more about Sweet Fix, click HERE.

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