Above and Beyond in the Classroom: Amelia County Elementary’s Miss Swoap

AMELIA COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — As the school year starts, Good Morning Richmond is introducing you to people who are going above and beyond to make a difference in our classrooms.

8News visited Miss Swoap’s classroom at Amelia Elementary School where parents say her unique approach is making all the difference.

“I always encourage children to do hands-on activities. Like right now they’re cutting and glueing. It helps them learn how to move things and manipulate things and make things.”

One student described the class’s activity.

“We’re making a jellyfish and these are the tentacles so they can swim,” student Harmonie Coward said.


And though the school year is just beginning, parents are already noticing her impact.

“She has a very welcoming spirit. Both of my girls that have had Miss Swoap had anxiety about coming to school. But by day two they were running in there excited about class.”

Making that transition easy for parents and little ones is top priority. It’s what Miss Swoap says she was born to do.

“I love these kids. I love seeing them every day. Mean you walk into a fan club every morning and they yell your name,” Swoap said.

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