Welcome to Beardmond: Beards get a bad rap

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — It’s no lie, beards often get a bad rap. While the stigma behind beards has gone down recently, there’s no doubt that there’s still a lot of myths and misconceptions regarding these natural gifts from the heavens. Below are five myths that should have been dispelled years ago and further proof as to why the world is better when kept fuzzy. Think I’m wrong? Google Nick Offerman without facial hair and tell me I’m crazy.

Remember: Healthy beard = healthy you.

Myth: It’s too hot to have a beard in the Summer.

Fact: Believe it or not, most beards actually have the ability to cool the face during the Dog Days of Summer.Beard

I know what you’re thinking: “How can having half of my face covered in hair cool me down?!” But look at it from the other side of the coin. Covering half of your face in hair also provides shade to that half of your face from the sun and its harmful UV rays and a very breathable form of shade at that. If you don’t think beards are great forms of shade, check out the wicked tan line a guy will have if they ever choose to shave it off. Still not convinced? Take a spray bottle full of water and give your beard a good misting – instant cooling & locked-in moisture.

Myth: Beards are too itchy/scratchy/uncomfortable.

Fact: Starting a beard can be itchy…

…only because your whiskers have been sliced and diced by a razor and the ends of the hair can be very sharp. Once a beard gets past a couple days of growth the itchiness goes away. The main goal is to keep everything moisturized – there are endless amounts of beard oils and balms out there but something as simple as massaging in coconut oil after a shower can do a world of good.

Myth: You should shave for an interview if you want to land a job.

Fact: Chances are if you’re being brought in for an interview it’s based off of your previous job experience and not your outward appearance.

That being said, a good first impression is huge and you should focus on grooming what you got versus shaving it off – trim off the split ends, run a comb through it, and braid it up if you’ve been blessed with a long enough beard. A killer beard may even distinguish you from a crowded field of candidates and make it easier for employers to remember your interview.

Myth: “I’m (insert age here) and I still can’t grow a beard! I’m starting to think I never will!”Beard League

Fact: WRONG.

Easy, tiger. While there’s a number of factors that will keep you from ever growing a beard as strong as Zeus, age will never be one of them. Some guys are able to grow a full beard before they’re out of high school, and some won’t hit their bearded glory days until they’re in their late 20’s-early 30’s. Focus on making the whiskers that you can grow look as good as possible and the rest will come; or it won’t, but who cares? You’re still a sexy beast.

Beards 2Myth: Beards are dirty/unsanitary.

Fact: Sigh….

This is quite possibly the most common misconception behind beards and, it unfortunately, has a bit of plausibility due, in fact, to the public’s general lack of knowledge on proper beard hygiene. Beards, like any part of your body that has hair (which is everywhere on your body because we’re mammals), can be dirty and unsanitary if not cleaned properly. If you want to keep your beard clean, you can’t not clean it. I know, this sounds very self-explanatory but you would not believe how many people neglect their beards in their daily routine. The goal to proper beard hygiene is to clean it without drying it out.

The most important thing to remember is that the hair that comes from out of your face is very different from the hair on top of your head. Washing your beard with normal shampoo is typically not a good idea due to added chemicals within the bottle that strip natural oils or add volume to head hair that’s not good for beard hair. Go for mild soaps without a lot of additives to prevent any negative effect on your beard, and dry it off with a clean towel or brush it out with a hair dryer on a warm low setting. This will not only ensure your beard is clean, it also ensures it stays healthy. Remember: Healthy beard = healthy you.

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