Richmond fire station closed due to possible mold

RICHMOND, Va (WRIC) — Fire Station #1 in Richmond’s Church Hill neighborhood is closed because of possible mold.

“A member of this house saw what they thought may be mold on the front portion here by the front door,” explained retired Richmond Fire Captain and member of the Richmond Firefighters Association Keith Andes. “They’re doing air quality testing and taking some samples of what was around the vent and taking that to the lab and hoping hearing back from them tomorrow some time, or no later than Wednesday.”

FE416D5F98674E36883AEA926096E32AFor the time being, the station will remain closed and the station’s firefighters will be reassigned.

“Well, it’s safety aspect, why would I want to take you inside when I don’t want my brothers and sisters in here until we find out exactly what’s going on?” Andes added. “Again, the city’s taken and the department has taken a proactive approach. I know in the past we’ve had problems addressing these things, but since then I have to say props to the City of Richmond and props to the fire department. They’re keeping us in the loop and we’re trying to get that information out to our members.”

4D71421579F04285B1D674F06F49E0F9The retired fire captain stated that shutting down the station should be a concern, but people should not worry.

“These stations are here for a reason; they are strategically placed after studies have been done and we should be no more than three-to-four minutes out at the furthest part of the district that these folks represent, and so when you take them out of a station and put them in another one,” said Andes, who is hopeful that a good cleaning would fix the problem.”

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