Mom defends 3-year-old son’s love of tutus

COLUMBUS (WCMH) — A mother took to Facebook to defend her son’s love of wearing tutus, after a man approached them at the park and accosted them.

According to Jen Anderson Shattuck’s Facebook page, her 3-and-a-half-year-old son, loves trucks, puzzles, plums and sparkly tutus.

“If asked, he will say the tutus make him feel beautiful and brave. If asked, he will say there are no rules about what boys can wear or what girls can wear,” Shattuck writes in the post.

But last week while her son (wearing his tutu as always) and her were at the park, she says a man approached them and began to demand why her son was wearing a dress.

“She shouldn’t keep doing this to you,” he said. He spoke directly to my son. “You’re a boy. She’s a bad mommy. It’s child abuse.”

Shattuck says the man took pictures of her son and said threatened her with sharing the pictures with the world.

She called the police, who came and took a report. They also complimented her son on his tutu.

But she says her son is now scared and no longer feels safe.

“He wants to know: ‘Is the man coming back? The bad man? Is he going to shout more unkind things about my skirt? Is he going to take more pictures?’”

However, Shattuck says she will not be intimidated; that she’ll not let strangers dictate what her son wears. “The world may not love my son for who he is, but I do. I was put on this earth to make sure he knows it. I will shout my love from street corners. I will defend, shouting, his right to walk down the street in peace, wearing whatever items of clothing he wants to wear.”

Her post has been shared more than 42 thousand times since she posted it August 24.

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