Trash problem persists at Richmond housing complex

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Trash is still piling up at Mallard Greens Townhomes, and residents said they’re still getting the run around from management.

Residents said they did notice that, after our story aired Monday, maintenance men showed up with pick-up trucks to start hauling away some of the garbage.

“They can pick up all the trash they want up off the ground it’s still going to be here tomorrow,” said one resident. “It’s still going to be stinky tomorrow. There’s still going to be flies everywhere tomorrow.”

3CAB3C0CC3AD47F5B66857B082F2169AIn addition to the over flowing dumpsters, the other side of the complex has individual bins. Those too are at the brim.

“They get mad because it’s on the ground but where else are we supposed to put it?” said the resident.

8News called the offices again and still no answer, but that doesn’t seem to come as a surprise to residents

“They don’t answer our phone calls and if we go up there they tell us some lame excuse about ‘oh they’ll be here next week.’ It’s been three weeks later and they ain’t come yet,” said the resident.

Residents were told that the trash would be picked up Wednesday morning, but this trash still sat there late Wednesday night.


After all this time, she said she won’t believe anything until she sees it.

“When all the trash is gone I’ll believe it then, but right now I don’t believe nothing they say,” said the resident.

8News will keep trying to contact the managers of the townhome complex, and we’ll keep you update on what happens.

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