Another car fire in Richmond’s Fan District prompts arson investigation

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Richmond Police are suspecting arson in the car fire that occurred Wednesday morning in the Fan District.

This was the second car fire in as many days and the fourth in a months’ span in the Fan.

“This is outrageous,” exclaimed Paul Parchment of the nearby Jerk Pit restaurant. “I came yesterday morning and I saw those cars burned up, I was so sad. And I comeback this morning, the same thing, you know?”

Wednesday morning’s car fire comes just one day after and literally a few feet away from where a car went up in flames Tuesday morning at Chapman’s Certified Auto Service. Owner Gary Thaxton said the two incidents have costed him thousands of dollars in damages.

6ED531930C764D9D8D991974A56106D0“My building got caught on fire from a mattress fire in the alley about four or five weeks ago,” he explained. “Then two days ago we had this fire here with the cars on the lot. It got set on fire overnight and early in the morning it burnt up and five cars got damaged.”

Thaxton added that neighbors in the area are going to be more vigilant.

“We’re putting up some security cameras and I’ve already got that set-up and lined up that’s coming up in the next day or so,” Thaxton said. “We’re going to step up the neighborhood watch and get people to look out a little bit more.”

Parchment fears his restaurant could be next.

4C167A211AA447CAB0B769116301349B“Coming here tomorrow morning, it could be our store next, so we’re really concerned about it,” he said. “I wish the police could circle through here, through the alley and spot anything that’s going on.”

Casey Young lives in the apartments right behind the alley where the incident occurred. He said Wednesday morning’s blaze came dangerously close to the wooden back porches of his complex.

People’s lives could be at stake,” Young explained.

Investigators believe Tuesday’s car fire and Wednesday’s car fire are connected, but cannot confirm whether or not they are connected to the other two.

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