Chesterfield Police meet with teens on the basketball court

CHESTER, Va. (WRIC) — The YMCA is bridging the gap between local law enforcement and the community.

Chesterfield County Police officers set their badges on the sidelines and laced up their sneakers to give teens a chance to see them outside of their cop cars.

“Seeing a police officer in a uniform may seem scary at first wondering if you did something wrong but being out on the court with them it’s a whole different story,” said teenager Armand Simmons.

This event is a part of the YMCA’s Totally Teen Summer Program.

“This is just really a chance for officers in the area to interact with the youth,” said Senior Officer Joey Kierson. “This is great for our youth, in particular, the teens, to get to know us on a first-name basis.”

Events like this give teenagers a positive representation of what it means to serve as a police officer.

“Playing with the officers is an inspiration,” said Simmons. “It’s just fun”

Just fun, but of course with some added friendly competition

“You play ball with them and break their ankles a little bit,” joked Simmons.

The teams were mixed between officers and teens, so everyone could get some bragging rights.

“You get to cross a cop up,” said Sr. Officer Kierson. “It’s something that they all love to do.”

If your teen would like to take advantage of the free YMCA summer membership visit their website. The offer ends August 31.

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