Richmond pre-K teachers receive first tour of Summerhill School

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — 12 pre-K programs in Richmond will soon be moved to the old Summerhill Elementary School.

The move is meant to ease overcrowding issues at six area schools.

Thursday a group of pre-K teachers were able to get an inside look into their new home here at Summerhill. While they can see the school system has made progress, some of them just don’t think it’s going to be ready in time.

“How is that possible in two weeks,” Susan Revenson-Hawes said.

Susan Revenson-Hawes was one of four pre-K teachers who toured Summerhill Thursday morning.

Richmond public schools allowed them to see the building they will soon be calling home.


Tommy Kranz a representative from Richmond Public Schools did his best to address each of their concerns about the building being ready.

“It will all be cleaned and sanitized. We know what we are doing,” Kranz said.

“The last thing we need is to bring y’all into a building that is not a building that I wouldn’t want anybody to work inside,” Kranz said.

The group, however, isn’t quite sure they are convinced.

“I mean, they have six days to get it ready for us. It’s just not a lot of time,” Revenson-Hawes said.

Another purpose of this tour is to allow the teachers to suggest changes that maybe the school system hasn’t thought of.


“That was a really great opportunity that I didn’t think we would have gotten,” Revenson-Hawes said. ”So I’m really excited about that.”

Kranz said he wanted to make sure there was a dialogue between teachers and the administration.

“And I want it to be a dialogue between now and the 29th when we say we are going to have it open,” Kranz said.

“The issue is not forming a pre-K hub,” said pre-K teacher Saundra Donahoo. “The issue really is the building, the environment that we are teaching our kids. We want a healthy and safe environment.”

Tommy Kranz has already agreed to do a second tour next Friday so teachers can see their progress.

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