#MadeInRVA: Sports ticketing app aims to streamline sales, raise revenue for schools

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — When you go to a high school football or basketball game, are you ever fishing around your purse or pockets looking for cash to get in?

Three men in Richmond believe they have the solution with their new app Ticket Spicket.

Ticket Spicket co-founders Donnie Schemetti, Russell Hertzberg and Ernest Hawkins
Ticket Spicket co-founders Donnie Schemetti, Russell Hertzberg and Ernest Hawkins

“Ticket Spicket is an online digital solution for ticketing for athletic sports,” said co-founder Ernest Hawkins.

Their goal is to give fans a way to purchase tickets in the palm of their hands while helping schools make money.

They say the concept is overdue.

“The fans are starting to ask the question, ‘Why don’t you take credit cards at the gate?'” said co-founder Russell Hertzberg.

With Ticket Spicket, they’re meeting fans where they already are — on their cell phones.

“If you go to any kind of college or professional game, you’re probably going to be using your mobile app or phone for something at some point,” said the third co-founder, Donnie Schemetti.

So why not high school games, too?

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Hertzberg says the idea for Ticket Spicket came about during a conversation around the dinner table about how to raise money for his daughter’s volleyball team. They decided season passes would be a good idea, and his background in software development kicked in.

“I immediately started thinking about how we could take that physical season pass and digitize that into something that’s much more dynamic,” he said.

The three co-founders, who all met at a different place of work, started planning.

“I thought it was genius and jumped on board,” said Hawkins.

But it’s not just about making it a smoother process to get into games; they want to give cash-strapped schools an additional avenue to make money.

“We’re more than just tickets. We’re connecting local businesses and sponsorships. Our goal is to raise revenue for the schools.” said Hertzberg.

They want to give schools another way to reach the crowd.


“Right now if they get a business that wants to sponsor them, they put an advertisement in their program or they hang up a banner,” said Schemetti.

Their app would put the ads right in fan’s hands.

To see a demo of how the app works, click HERE.

So what’s next for Ticket Spicket?

The co-founders have been in talks with schools in Fredericksburg, Roanoke and Hanover. They’re also getting ready to launch pilot programs after the new school year begins.

They say businesses are already interested, too.

Schemetti says Richmond has embraced their start up and says there’s a large start up community.

“Oh, it’s great. We’ve been very appreciative for all the opportunities that we’ve had. There’s a lot of exciting companies coming up in Richmond,” he said. “People are always wanting to help out, so we’ve definitely benefited from it.”


On Thursday, Ticket Spicket is teaming up with Building a Better RPS for an event at The Veil Brewing Co. It’s called “IPAs for RPS.” From 5 to 8 p.m., 15 percent of sales will go to Richmond Public Schools.

The Veil Brewing Co. is located at 1301 Roseneath Road in Scott’s Addition.

To learn more about Ticket Spicket, click HERE.

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