Protester credits ‘Making a Murderer’ for Dassey ruling

Dept of Corrections photo

MANITOWOC COUNTY, Wisc. (WBAY) – The organizer of a group that has been protesting in support of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey is crediting the Netflix documentary series “Making a Murderer” for Dassey’s conviction being overturned.

Minnesota native Megan McGuiness has come to Manitowoc County in the past to protest with others outside the county courthouse.

She says Friday’s ruling was a welcomed surprise.

Even though Dassey’s appeal was filed before “Making a Murderer” was released, McGuiness feels Dassey’s conviction wouldn’t have been overturned without it.

“There would have been no hope,” she said. “Nobody would have tried. If this documentary didn’t air, and if we… if the public eye didn’t get a view of this outside of the family, there would have been nothing. We wouldn’t have known about it. No one would have cared. They would have gone on like the rest of the people sitting in prison.”

McGuiness says her group is planning to protest again outside the Manitowoc County courthouse in about three months.

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