Family concerned over hospital bed bugs

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A family welcoming a new baby into the world says they had a bad experience with bed bugs in their hospital room at Saint Dominic Hospital.

Jessica Laws welcomed her baby niece into the world Tuesday morning.

She stayed by her sister’s side in the postpartum unit through Wednesday night. That’s when she says she woke up with an itchy sensation on her hands.

“I looked down at the blanket and there’s one crawling across the blanket.”

She says it was bed bugs.

“So I jump up and start pulling everything off the bed, throwing it in the corner.”

Laws says that’s when she took photos of the couch and about 6 insects.

“We went as far to move the couch out. And they were crawling up the back of the couch, and on the floor behind the couch.”

We reached out to Saint Dominic Hospital about the family’s claim. They sent us this statement:

We received a report that there appeared to be evidence of bed bugs in a room. When reported, we acted within our guidelines, moved the patient and closed the room. The room was inspected and treated by a national pest control company. As a precaution, the adjoining rooms were also treated but the pest control company detected no evidence of exposure. Inspections are being conducted to confirm the area is clear before it is returned to service.

Bed bugs have seen a resurgence in our community over the last several years, largely because of the regulatory discontinuance of the effective chemical agents used to control them in the past. We have had isolated instances where patients or visitors have unknowingly introduced them into the facility. In addition to ongoing pest control services, our practice, when evidence of such an introduction occurs, is to investigate, isolate the area and have it treated before it is placed back into service.”

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