Stretch your dollar on back-to-school clothes

EASTON, Conn. (WTNH) — Back to school is not just about backpacks and classroom supplies. For many kids, it’s the new clothes they look forward to the most. And for moms like blogger Sarah O’Brien, it’s a time to get creative when it comes to saving money.

“When school starts it’s still really hot, so something like a short-sleeved t-shirt is great. This was just $3,” she said.

She says buying clearance summer items is key because they can still be worn well into the school year. Then when it gets too cold, the tops can be paired with a jacket. Before she buys more expensive items like jeans or shoes she goes through her kids closet to see what fits.  What doesn’t, she swaps with other moms.

“Some of the moms can get together and swap out clothes. Everyone brings a big bag of clothes and have a bit of a shopping spree. Everyone comes with a bag and leaves with a bag,” O’Brien said.

When she does shop she looks for deals in all sizes. Because what doesn’t fit now, may come in handy later.

“This sweater is in the next size up but because they’re trying to get rid of their summer clothes at this time in the rid, I can buy ahead and know she’ll be able to wear it next summer.”

She said she’s careful which items she lets her kids pick out, keeping in mind trendy characters may be more expensive and will stop getting wear as soon as they’re onto the next fad.

The other big item kids need are backpacks. She’ll talk to us Thursday about how cheap is too cheap. What you should be looking for in a backpack, so you don’t wind up buying another one 6 months from now.

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