Mom’s back to school photos go viral

SCOTTSBORO, AL (WCMH) — A back-to-school photo shoot from an Alabama mother is making waves across the Internet.

Keshia Gardner posted some photos to Facebook when her kids went back to school last Thursday.

mom photo

In the photos, she is seen jumping for joy as her five children stand behind her with looks that range from unimpressed to downright embarrassed.

“We do them every year,” she said. “My husband takes them and he’s a plumber. We just do them really quickly before we leave for school. For some reason, this one decided to go viral,” Gardner told WTVT.

As of Wednesday morning, her photos have been shared more than 200,000 times and seen by many more.

The photos have even become popular enough to spawn parodies. One parody shows Gardner falling into the Sarlacc Pit from Star Wars.

mom photo 1

Another shows her running from bears along with another popular meme character.

mom photo 2

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