Man proposes to girlfriend with custom video game

VISALIA, CA (WCMH) — A California man used a custom-made Nintendo game to pop the question to his girlfriend of three years.

“I decided to propose to Mary,” Joey Russitano told KMPH. “I wanted to trick her into thinking that it was for a video game review.”

The game is called ‘Joey and Owen Save The World,” and it was made by a friend of Russitano’s just for the occasion.

Mary Owens thought she would be playing the game for a review on Russitano’s Youtube channel.

“I was just like, oh cool, it’s a really personalized surprise that, like, and that was it,” Owens said.

Russitano says they fight giant Corgi monsters, video cameras, and at the end, they find a giant ‘Jerry Maguire’ VHS tape.

“It’s a really fun game. It’s easy, but there are certain parts of it that are so hard,”  he said. “Mary was yelling at one point in the game because it got so irritating.”

Owens said when the actual line came up — the “will you marry me?” — she waited until it was all out just in case it was like a ‘psych’ at the end.

“So I got to ask ‘will you marry me’ and look at him getting down on one knee and popping up the ring,” she said.

Russitano says he and Mary now want to turn the game into a movie.

Check out the entire proposal:

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