Woman turns her battle with cervical cancer into hope for young cancer patients

CASCO, Wis. (WBAY) — Jo-Anne Fameree is turning her battle with cervical cancer into hope for young cancer patients.

The 49-year-old Casco woman is creating stuffed horses just like one given to her as a gift early in her chemotherapy treatment. The gift horse was named “Chemo-Sabe” and has been at Jo-Anne’s side during chemo.

The horses she’s making will be called “Chemo-Sabe Jr.”

“To just give them a little opportunity while they’re going through treatment to be a kid is something that’s kind of important to me,” says Jo-Anne, whose last chemo treatment is next week.

She says chemo can be tough, and it breaks her heart to know children have to go through it as well.

“You see seven-year-olds talking about blood transfusions and how they have to make sure their hemoglobins are whatever number,” she says about the children she wants to help.

“I’m in awe at everything that she’s going through and then for her to think about other people,” says Jo-Anne’s sister Jean.

Jean is a cancer survivor – now three years cancer free.

Jo-Anne will give the “Chemo-Sabe Jr” horses to young patients at the HSHS St. Vincent Hospital Regional Cancer Center.

“For me, they’re inspiration, they’re motivation, they’re comfort kind of all wrapped up in one,” she says about her stuffed horses.

Jo-Anne says she hopes the horses have that same sense of comfort to the children who get them.

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