Virginia man shares his journey as a Trump photographer

MARTINSVILLE (WSLS 10) – Photographer Ray Reynolds never got into politics before now.

“I was really upset about the way insurance was being handled in the country,” explained Reynolds. “I was mad. I wanted to do something.”

Then another photographer asked him to get on board the Trump train and help with a shoot. That was last August.

Twenty events later, you can often spot Reynolds and his trademark yellow camera close by at Trump events across the Southeast.

“I got to see and hear a lot. First time he shook my hand I thought about what I’ve heard on TV. It was all wrong, he has huge hands,” recalled Reynolds. “He looked at me and smiled. I said, ‘you got big hands’ and he said, ‘I know.’”

He once spent 45 minutes with the Republican presidential nominee as his staff photographer, shooting behind the scenes photos at an event.

“He’s real funny, but he’s serious. He’s just a good man,” continued Reynolds.

Reynolds says he’s lost business supporting Trump.

“My photography business is dead. That’s one reason I’ve been able to travel and follow him nobody will use me for photography now.”

But there are benefits.

“I get chills sometimes when I’m taking the pictures because I know I’m watching history be made,” said Reynolds. “Seeing your picture sometimes in the magazines in there you are in the background with the yellow camera on top of Mr. Trump’s head and you were in that picture.”

Being behind the camera and behind the man he hopes is the country’s next president.

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