Woman and dog feel cool ending to a hot story

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – One Georgia woman will no longer take for granted the pleasures many enjoy inside when it’s hot outside.

A box fan is all Lynda Sims had to cool her and dog Duchess in her two-story Downtown Augusta condo after the air conditioning broke.

“It’s really old,” she said while showing off the old system that say outside her home.

HVAC experts ruled Lynda’s system was shot, leaving her hopeless and in a home that registered close to 90 degrees. But the CSRA rallied around her story that aired several times on NewsChannel 6.

“Duchess is in what we call the cool room,” Sims said referring to the upstairs bedroom that housed a donated window air conditioning unit.

Other donations poured in besides a window air conditioning unit. Checks. Cash. All from generous people who heard the former chaplain’s story during her plea to get the city to open just one animal friendly cooling center for her and Duchess. The response isn’t one she expected.

“I’m ecstatic! This is awesome!”

Four companies and an anonymous donor sent a new air conditioning system and the labor to install it to Lynda’s home Friday at no cost to her.

Duggan’s One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning heard her story too.

Daniel Jordan, a field supervisor with the company who made several trips to Sims’ home estimated, “A typical installation like this would normally cost between $4800 to $7000.”

Duggan’s took care of the work.

“A lot of people think companies are out to make a buck,” Jordan said. “Of course we’re in business to make money. But we like to do our part for the community as well.

Carlson Hayes retired from his crane business CW Hayes Mechanical Incorporated, but he’s back at work to help his pals at Duggan’s pay it forward to Lynda with $4500 of donated equipment and time.

“Well, it’s like your church work. We try to work with you when you care about the community. It’s one of those things we all have to try to help with an emergency,” Hayes said.

And a shiny new AC for $2500 paid for by an employee of Savannah River Site who said her faith compelled her to help.

“I just praise the Lord for each one of them,” Sims exclaimed.

No one wants thanks. They all just want Lynda and Duchess cool. And with that cool air comes all the things this family of two couldn’t do in their hot home.

“Get it cleaned up for one thing,” she said. “I had pulled everything out for a yard sale that we ended up not having so there’s boxes of junk everywhere and I haven’t had the energy to clean it in the heat. I can get that done and study for my exam, get a job. I got a line on a few jobs so that’s awesome. I have hope again.”

East Coast Metal Distributors and Goodman Manufacturing donated equipment too.

As of now, Lynda and Duchess have air that she said is on warranty and is a more powerful system than she had before.

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