Rapper intentionally shoots himself in face in for video

NEW HAVEN, IN (WANE) – A northeastern Indiana rapper took a disturbing and dangerous chance with his own life recently in Indianapolis. He shot himself in the face intentionally. He said he did it all to get attention. As questionable and shocking as it might seem, it has apparently worked, because millions of people around the world have watched the video online.

“I’m usually pretty serious about what I’m saying when I make music,” the rapper Kasper Knight said.

One of Knight’s lyrics says “a bullet to the face will take me to another place.” Knight couldn’t get a photographer to capture what he wanted to do for a music video– shoot himself in the face. So, he did it himself with an iPhone camera.

Since he posted it on Facebook this week the views are in the millions.

“I like dark-themed music and I want to do horror rock I wanted something actually horrific,” Knight said.

It’s up to the viewer to decide if what they watched is horrific, but a lot of people did call it dumb.




“I find [my critics] weird that they wouldn’t endure minor trauma to potentially gain a massive profit,” Knight said.

That’s exactly what Knight is looking for. He’s hoping the attention around his video will end in a record deal.

“I just don’t want to go back to work,” Knight said.

In the video you can see Knight’s immediate reaction after shooting himself. He headed straight to the hospital where he got stitches and found through an x-ray he had swallowed the bullet. He said the gunshot wasn’t the most painful part.

“My ears were hurt, but they hurt bad the whole time,” Knight said. “Especially the one on the side of the gunshot. So, that was painful.”

This happened in Indianapolis, and police there have opened an investigation. An officer there said an act like this can result in felony charges of criminal recklessness especially if it’s found that the person did it for their own amusement. He called it one of the ‘most reckless and inconsiderate’ things he’s come across as a police officer.

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