‘It’s great to be home’: Tim Kaine holds campaign rally at Huguenot H.S.

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Virginia senator and vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine returned home to Richmond Monday night to host a campaign rally at Huguenot High School. It was dubbed as Kaine’s homecoming since it was the first time he spoke to his hometown crowd since being named Hillary Clinton’s running mate.

After several state and campaign officials addressed the crowd of roughly 2,000, Anne Holton took the stage to introduce her husband.

A62D63AD4AEE4D0B81BE23E824E3A0CC“I bring to you, my husband, the next vice president of the United States of America, Tim Kaine,” Anne Holton told the jubilant crowd.

Many in attendance told 8News they have voted for Kaine ever since he ran for city council in Richmond. And Kaine made his hometown roots a major point during his rally.

“I ran for city council in 1994 in the 2nd district to represent my interesting neighborhood of the north side, the Fan, downtown, Jackson Ward, carver … I’m so proud of my city, I’m so proud of RVA, I’m so proud of Richmond, I’m so proud of it,” Kaine said.

I’m so proud of my city, I’m so proud of RVA, I’m so proud of Richmond, I’m so proud of it.” — Tim Kaine

After addressing his hometown, Kaine shifted to taking and promoting his running mate, Hillary Clinton.

“Women again and again and again stand up and provide support for men to do great things in politics,” Kaine said. “I think this election gives strong men a chance to stand up and support a strong woman to be president of the United States.”


Kaine also spent a good deal of time speaking on the man at the top of the Republican ticket: Donald Trump.

“He says make America first; Donald Trump is about blaming America first, and I ain’t into the blame America first folks, right? I’m not into it,” Kaine said. “Donald Trump’s passion is Donald Trump; that is the only passion he has.”

Outside of the rally, 8News caught up with one supporter who said Tim Kaine answered the call when at a time when our state sorely needed in in 2007 after a gunman opened fire on Virginia Tech’s campus, killing 32 students.

Lynn Harris’ daughter was on campus the day of the massacre.

“We were frantic,” Harris recalled. “I live in northern Virginia, she was on campus in Blacksburg; we were beside ourselves.”

Her daughter survived, although one of her friends was seriously injured and another was killed.

Harris recalled Kaine being in Japan when the news broke and wasted no time returning home.

“He came immediately,” she said. “He helped make a horrible situation just a little better.”

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