Man fires 53 bullets into Xbox, says it’s revenge for brother peeing on his car

FILE - In this Aug. 28, 2013, file photo, the Microsoft Xbox One console is on display at the GameStop Expo in Las Vegas. Among the shows coming to Xbox this year are the street soccer docu-series "Every Street United," which will be first to debut in July 2014, and the six-part tech-centric documentary series "Signal to Noise." The first installment - "Atari: Game Over" - chronicles the search for copies of Atari's infamous "E.T." game that were supposedly buried in a landfill. (Photo by Al Powers/Invision/AP, File)

MELBOURNE (WCMH) — What do you do when your brother pees on your car and puts the video on Facebook?

Rhys Holman decided to retaliate by shooting his brother’s Xbox 53 times, officials in Australia said. 

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Holman, 24, was best friends with his 16-year-old brother until the relationship somehow went south. The teen urinated on Holman’s car on July 16 and uploaded a video of the event on Facebook.

Three days later, Holman took his brother’s Xbox and unloaded 53 bullets into it. He reportedly laid the destroyed Xbox and cartridges out on the family table for his brother to see, and uploaded the shooting video on Facebook.

Holman pleaded guilty to four charges in court on Friday.

The magistrate found Holman “of otherwise good character” and released him on a 12-month good behavior bond. He also fined Holman $500 and advised him to think about his bond with his brother.

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