Sugar Shack rolling out gluten-free donuts

Richmond, Va. (WRIC) — Sugar Shack Donuts launched the area’s first gluten free and vegan donut truck.

Three years ago, Ian Kelley decided to open a donut shop with the help of his longtime friend, James Henderson.

“He was coaching at Maggie Walker and then he saw a building for rent and then started Sugar Shack,” Henderson said. “But we never really knew what it was when we started, or how busy it was going to be, or how successful it was going to be. So it just kind of went from there and it just kind of blew up.”

Henderson, now a district manager for Sugar Shack, said they saw the opportunity to expand and give the gluten-free and vegan community a taste of their famous donuts.

“We didn’t want to do it until we did it right, and it took us a year to come up with the recipe,” Henderson said. “When something is gluten free and you’re offering regular donuts you have to sterilize everything.”


Henderson said they decided to go mobile and make fresh gluten-free and vegan donuts while hopping from one location to the next.

“It’s more of a cake. It’s denser, but it is delicious,” Henderson said. “It’s pretty high in demand especially in places like Richmond, or even places like Midlothian where there are kids that have Celiac and people who have Celiac who have never had a donut before. This just gives us a chance to bring fresh, small batch bakery to those people.”

Hundreds lined up at one of the truck events. Among the crowd was Juliann Silver, who travel from Hopewell to Midlothian just to get a fresh batch. Silver said when her mother was diagnosed with Celiac disease, a serious genetic autoimmune disease, the whole family decided to go gluten free.

“They’ve (her kids) never had a fresh donut,” Silver said. “They didn’t even know. They don’t know what an apple fritter is. They’ve only had the donuts you can buy frozen, so, for them, this is really exciting.”

Sugar shack will have the gluten free donut truck stationed at the Huguenot road location in Midlothian Sunday morning from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.


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