Rochester, N.Y. Police arrest 74 people at Black Lives Matter protest

(ABC News)

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (ABC News) — Rochester Police arrested 74 individuals, including two black reporters, while a protest was going on in Rochester, New York, Friday night.

Dressed in riot gear, the police officers attempted to move protesters who were in an intersection in downtown Rochester. Police made arrests after protesters continued blocking the street and would not move.

The event began around 9:45 p.m. and demonstrators were there protesting against police brutality in the aftermath of two police-involved shootings of African American men this week and the mass shooting at a march in Dallas that killed five officers.

Two black reporters from ABC Rochester affiliate WHAM, Carlet Cleare and Justin Carter, were held for a short period before being released. The station posted video of Carter being arrested on social media.



The chief of police and mayor in Rochester have both apologized for the detainment of the reporters, Cleare said on Twitter.

Police Chief Michael Ciminelli said in a news conference Saturday that the department could not respond to nonemergency calls during the protest because they needed to maintain a large police presence during the demonstration. He also said that some protestors threw rocks at police during the incident.


Mayor Lovely Warren Rochester told the press during the same conference that tear gas, batons, tasers and weapons were not used by law enforcement at the protest.

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