Precautions you should take with dogs in the summer time

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Summer is the perfect time to spend outdoors with your furry little friend but sometimes something as simple as a walk could do more harm than good.

If you think pavement is too hot to walk on barefoot chances are it’s too hot for your dog.

“Try not to walk them on the sidewalks or the asphalt,” said ARFLA’s Nancy Tabb Marcantel, “These are simply pads to help them get over rocks and stuff, this is not a heat protector.”

“The most common side effects that I see is blistering of the paw pads,” said Banfield Pet Hospital’s Dr. Laura Sarradet, “It could be pretty severe, limping, licking at the paw pads more, reluctant to kind of move around.”

Marcantel recommends pet owners take precautions to make sure your dogs paws don’t burn.

“Walk them across the front lawn grass, take them to a park, cool down their feet with water before and after they go out,” said Marcantel, “Anything that you can do to keep them from having to spend any time on hot asphalt or hot concrete.”

Even when it comes to issues like getting sun burned, our pets are no exception.

“Dermatologist do recommended putting a children’s spray sunscreen on them,” said Dr. Sarradet, “Make sure that they have plenty of shade, water, fans, and those dogs ideally don’t even need to be outside during the main times of day.”

When the heat index is high, experts say the best time to take your dog for a walk is in the morning or the evening.

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