Tips for keeping up with recalls on kid products, cars and food

SPARTANBURG (WSPA) – There is a new product recall warning every day, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

In just the last two weeks there’s been 4 kid related recalls, 14 cars, and 34 food products.

If you’re a busy parent like Adam Siskey, chances are not really.

“There’s always car seats that are recalled for some reason, they never can be too safe. Toys never can be too safe. So I mean, at some point you just become numb to it, or you’re going to get overwhelmed,” Siskey said.

Don’t worry Siskey, there are some great tools to help you out.

But first, why the recall rise?

Tom Flandung, a crisis communications specialist says two trends are driving it. For one, better testing.

“So it was the lettuce in the salad at a specific restaurant and this lettuce was grown at a specific farm.” Flaundung said. “That’s the tracking mechanism we have in place now that we simply didn’t have 15-20 years ago.”

The second trend is social media, where more consumers are speaking up about products that are defective.

When it comes to cars, last year a record 51 million vehicles were recalled. That’s three times the amount that were actually sold.

“There are a lot more recalls these days. Some cars have up to 14-16 airbags. We have tire sensors. A lot of things that’s electronic that can go wrong these days,” Monty Bogan, a Service Director at Benson Kia said.

Bogan recommends you enter your VIN number on to stay up to date on recalls on your specific car.

Apps like Recall Watch, FDA and Consumer Product Safety Commission websites are also great tools.

Siskey, who’s car is under recall, points out that the biggest challenge may be following through, once you know there’s a problem.

“To be honest, we got the letter we haven’t gone and fixed it yet,” Siskey said.


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