8 things to know before lighting fireworks

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Many people’s favorite part about the 4th of July is lighting fireworks. While legal fireworks may seem safe and boring, they can still be very dangerous. How dangerous? CLICK HERE for more information.

Considering the potential for fire or injury, here are 8 tips to follow before lighting any sparklers this weekend:

  1. Designate one person as the “lighter”. Their job will be to light the fireworks. If you have more than one person lighting, it can cause chaos and a dangerous situation.
  2. Use common sense. Do not take fireworks out and leave them in your pocket. Keep them in the bag and keep them away from open flames.
  3. Sparklers can be a lot of fun but can be incredibly dangerous because usually kids are using them without any adult supervision so if you do have any young people that are going to be using sparklers, make sure you watch them very closely.
  4. Your pets are probably a little bit skiddish so make sure you leave them inside the house when you are doing fireworks outside.
  5. If you plan on partaking in an adult beverage, make sure you are not the one lighting off the fireworks.
  6. Where you light your fireworks are very important, especially this year because the grass is so dry. Always light them on pavement
  7. Make sure you keep a bucket handy in case of an emergency and also use it to die out all of your fireworks even after you use them.
  8. If you do get a dud that doesn’t light, make sure you leave it alone for twenty minutes, watch it very closely and then drop it into a bucket of water.

Click here for a list of all of the professional fireworks shows in the Richmond area.

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