Taxpayers to foot the bill for heavy Trump security

Donald Trump
Trump rallies in Richmond (Photo: AP)

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — 8News has learned the overtime hours filed by Richmond Police officers when Donald Trump came to town will cost the city $41,119.39, and it appears the taxpayer will foot the bill.

Not wanting violence to erupt here in Richmond as it had in other cities, the Richmond Police Department, along with Virginia State Police, stepped up security for that trump rally at the Richmond Coliseum back on June 10th. Police surrounded nearby Festival Park both on foot and on horseback.

When a small fight broke out and protestors took to the street, officers in riot gear were there to maintain order. We’re still waiting to learn how much overtime VSP racked up.

8News asked the Virginia Chairman for the Trump Campaign, CoreyStewart, if the presidential nominee will reimburse the city. He issued the following statement to 8News:

“To the best of my knowledge, no presidential campaign has reimbursed for security after a rally. In 2012, President Obama held a rally in Prince William County and when we asked for a reimbursement, the answer was “no”. I hope the Clinton campaign will be asked the same question when she visits this election cycle, although, she does not have the threat of violence from leftist groups that we’ve recently seen at Trump rallies.”

It’s true: Whether Republican or Democrat, taxpayers are often left paying for campaign visits to the Commonwealth.

When President Obama and then Republican challenger Mitt Romney were making the rounds here in Virginia during the 2012 Presidential election security costs topped $350,000 and taxpayer footed the bill then as well.

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