Father of Mirranda Grace says VCU Medical Center won’t release his daughter

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — The family of Mirranda Grace is speaking out in their fight to give the young girl on life support more time.

Mirranda Grace has been on life support since she choked on a popcorn kernel in May.

Her family is appealing a court ruling that would allow VCU Medical Center to perform a test to see if she is brain dead. She remains inside the intensive care unit at VCU.

The young girl’s father, Patrick Lawson, called on the hospital to give his daughter the breathing and feeding tube she needs in order to return home.

Lawson says Mirranda Grace is not getting the nutrition she needs in order for her brain to heal. He says even though the family is being told she’s brain dead, her blood pressure and heart rate indicate a response to her mother’s voice.

In a statement to 8News, Lawson says he and Mirranda’s mother have made it clear to hospital staff that they wish to care for their daughter a home, however the hospital refuses to provide her with the breathing and feeding tubes needed to be eligible for home care.

It’s also worth pointing out how rare it is for someone to stay alive this long after a brain injury – something Mirranda’s family and supporters are calling a miracle.

Alexanda Snyder with the Life Legal Defense Foundation

“Mirranda is alive; she’s disabled, severely disabled, but she’s alive,” said Alexanda Snyder with the Life Legal Defense Foundation. “The ball right now is in the hospital’s court. They see thousands of patients every day. In a week she could be ready to be released, and yet they are refusing to do that. They’ve made a decision that Mirranda has to die, and that is not acceptable.

“What’s happening here is frankly terrifying.”

VCU Medical Center issued the following statement to 8News on Tuesday:

In the nearly two months Mirranda Lawson has been in the VCU Medical Center pediatric critical care unit, her expert and compassionate medical team has provided around-the- clock, highly-specialized critical care that cannot be given in a home setting. Other agencies and hospitals have reviewed her case and are either not able to support her intensive care needs or they indicated they would not do anything different than what is already being done. This is a difficult situation. Mirranda’s medical team and everyone involved want the best for Mirranda and her family.

A hearing on Mirranda’s case is set for September, with motions filed to expedite that date.

“There’s people praying for (Mirranda) across the world,” Lawson said Wednesday. “We just ask everybody to keep praying for my daughter.”

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