Travel concerns spike for local flyers in wake of Istanbul attacks

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – Some 89,000 Virginians are expected to fly for the Fourth of July holiday. 8News spoke to some travelers who say they’re concerns have spiked in light of the recent Istanbul airport attack.

“It makes me a little concerned because, of course, I’m doing a lot traveling now – I’m in the navy now,” Alese Morris explained to 8News Reporter Jonathan Costen.

For 19-year-old Morris, Wednesday was her first time in an airport and first time flying. She’s on her way to Chicago for Navy basic training. But the Norfolk native she says she’s more concerned about getting lost in her travels to Chicago than she is about terrorism.

“It seems like this place is very well organized and they had safety for everyone, no matter if you’re enlisted or civilian,” she said.

David Gies is from the west coast and he travels a few times a year. He says because of the threat of terrorism you have to be more patient when you travel.

“I think you just have to put up with what’s going on in the airports, trust the people that are in charge, you know what they’re doing,” Gies said. “It’s an inconvenience once in a while, but other than that it’s fun.”

Russell Evenson is a missionary from Newport News on his way to Ireland. He travels with a little bit of faith and confidence in the folks who work in airports.

“They’re more conscious of what you have in your bag,” he said. “My wife especially, they always put her out of line. She looks kind of European or like she could be from anywhere. They put her out of line and they let me go through more.”

Travelers like Evenson say they don’t mind the inconvenience of being screened for their safety.

Airport officials didn’t comment on what steps they take to ensure everyone’s safety.

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