3 Ways to $ave: Where to workout without a gym membership

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Good Morning Richmond wants to help you watch your wallet. Each month, we’re sharing three ways you can save some money in your day-to-day life.

This month, we’re focusing on fitness.

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We all know gym memberships can be expensive. How about cutting that cost completely, while still getting a balanced workout?

8News anchor Evanne Armour teamed up with trainer Will Wright from Peak Physique to learn how.

Peak Physique specializes in in-home and on-site training. Wright took Evanne to three of his favorite “hidden gyms” in RVA where anyone can workout.


1. Vita Course at Byrd Park

vita quadOur first stop was the Vita Course at Byrd Park. Will decided to show us how to work on muscular strength. He and Evanne did push ups, squats and burpees.

If you plan to workout at the course, just park along Trafford Road for access to the park’s green grass and paved path.

You can exercise in the grass like Will and Evanne did, run or walk along the trail, use the built-in equipment or bring your own weights and bands.

There’s lots of space, fresh air and the trees provide some nice shade for a water break.

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2. Belle Isle Beaches

Next, Will took us to a Belle Isle beach to work on flexibility. After a short walk along a wooded path, we arrived at the secluded, sandy shore.

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Here, Will demonstrated some simple yoga moves like the downward-facing dog, tree and baby cobra poses.


This is the perfect location to soak up both nature and the city scenery, while relaxing and getting in a good stretch.

Grab a mat, kick off your shoes and get that sand between your toes.
3. Stairs at Libby Hill Park

To top things off, Will suggests taking your workout to new heights and getting in some cardio.

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He takes us to Libby Hill Park to run the steep, steep stairs.

Whether you take single steps or double, you’ll get your heart rate going on your way up.

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We ran into an 8News viewer while we were climbing the steps. She’s been working out this way and says she has already lost 60 pounds.

You’re going to sweat. Will says don’t forget to keep hydrated.

And once you make it to the top, don’t forget to turn around and admire the beautiful view.


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