Father’s Day deals: Ideas that won’t break the bank

SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – Even retailers admit, Father’s Day isn’t known for having the biggest deals. So, you really have to know where to look.

So we went in search of how you can save and discovered some little-known discounts and cost saving tricks in this 7News Consumer Watch.

Of all the sales, this one is the most obvious and happens, this time, every year. Expect 20 to 40% off brand name power tools and even more on the hand tools at stores like Lowe’s, Home Depot and Sears right now.

When it comes to clothing, Price trackers at DealNews say the best deals are on athletic wear, up to 90% off at places like Nike, ASICS, and Reebok.

You can also find up to 70% off on brand names like Brooks Brothers and Calvin Klein.

Whatever you do, don’t buy anything without also looking for a coupon code at places like http://www.retailmenot.com.

In the video above we show you how some retailers will say your code is applied, even when it doesn’t work. Don’t fall for that. If the price doesn’t change, the code didn’t work.

And when it comes to free shipping, they may also give an expedited offer at no cost, but it won’t “say” free. They are hoping you won’t notice it’s included.

If you search your favorite electronic store websites for “fathers day,” you may turn up sections like “gifts on sale” or “gifts under $50.” We found that at Best Buy and learned about some of the deepest discounts.

“One of the biggest sales we have for Father’s Day is on Beats headphones. By far the biggest sale, it’s $100 off every set,” said Stephen Mills, at the Best Buy in Spartanburg.

If your Dad is an Apple fan, there are some deals, but you won’t likely find them in the Apple store. At Best Buy, Apple watches are at least $50 off, but not so at the Apple retailer.

Finally, we even found some Father’s Day cards on sale, at an unlikely place–The Post Office–for half off.

DealNews says, “around this time, we regularly see sales on gift baskets from 1-800-Baskets and Wine.com. And last year, Guitar Center cut up to 50% off amplifiers, guitars, and music accessories for its Father’s Day Sale.”

Here are a few more sites with suggestions:

1. http://www.offers.com/blog/post/grads-and-dads-freebies-and-deals/
2. http://dealnews.com/fathers-day-gifts/
3. https://www.groupon.com/occasion/fathers-day-gifts

Happy Father’s Day!!

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